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Make your Friesian horse shine with this Friesian flag print head collar. With soft padding and adjustable on the crown piece and noseband. With silver coloured stainless steel hardware

Colours: Blue, Black, Red, White
Sizes: Cob, Full


✔ Material: polypropylene

✔ Material lining: polyester

✔ Material hardware: stainless steel

✔ Head collar with soft padding and Friesian flag design

✔ The noseband, crown piece and cheek pieces feature the Friesian flag

✔ With silver coloured hardware

✔ Snap closure at the throat latch

✔ The crown and noseband are padded with soft material

✔ Adjustable at the crown and noseband

✔Matching lead rein available

Head collar Friesian lined

SKU: 364215375135191
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