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Noortje Fan Friesian Dreams "SOLD"

Born 26/10/2020

Hi my name is Noortje Fan Friesian Dreams

My mum's name is Lokke van 't Riethof.

They tell me I have really good bloodlines as my mum is an imported Ster mare and every girl in my bloodlines are Ster mares.

My dad is the very handsome Ypeus Fan 'e Vesta Hoeve he is a Ster stallion with breeding permit.

I am part of the Mare line 115 and my inbreeding is only 1.95%

1 noortje.jpg

I was supposed to go to my new home over a year ago,

but my new owner's life changed and she had to sell my new home.

Not complaining about the home I have on the moment I get to go into the stables every night,

I get a jacket on when the weather is bad and I spend my days with my best friend Meisje.

But I am really looking for a human to call my own. 

If this could be you please give the people of Friesian Dreams a call to get some more information about me and if you can come over and give me a cuddle I would really like that.

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