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Sanne C van de Wijdewormer Kroon stam 49

Sanne was imported by us from the Netherlands in 1998 as a yearling and she was our first Friesian horse.

In 2000 we took her to the first judging in Australia and she blitzed it and became a 2nd premie star mare.

In 2003 we took her for another judging and this time she became a 1st premie star mare and this was again achieved in 2009 on the same day she also did her ridden IBOP test and she received a score of 78.5 this made her Australia's first Kroon mare.

Sanne had her first foal on 2001 a beautiful filly by the studbook stallion Teunis 332 we named her Hope Fan Friesian Dreams unfortunately she was taken from us after just 2 days.

In 2003 Sanne had another foal by the studbook stallion Teunis 332, another filly we called her Jacinta Fan Friesian Dreams.

At 14 years of age Sanne developed contracted tendons we tried every possible options and treatments we could think off but in the end we had no options left and had to make the decision to have her operated on by our vet Bill Harbison.

In 2015 we had to do it all over again, our worst day came on the 1st of May when Sanne developed complications and we had to let our girl go.

Sanne had the most amazing character a lot of people told us that "she thinks she is human she doesn't know she is a horse".

We still miss her every day but she lives on in our heart and in our memories.

Sanne C Van 
De Wijdewormer

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