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Our Home

Friesian Dreams is the home where "Dreams Do Come True".

For anyone with a passion for this stunning breed, Friesian Dreams covers all options.

From humble begins in Holland to their now long time home in South Australia, Michael & Marcella Van Der Heiden have created a sanctuary for all creatures great and small. 

The home to Australia's first Friesian Crown Mare Sanne. C, this special mare paved the way into Michael & Marcella's hearts, and really did grow their passion of this special breed.

Once you add one of Michael & Marcella's babies into your home, you then become a forever member of the Friesian Dreams Family. 

Take a "Sneek Peek" above to see what all the fuss is about!


"Harbison Performance" Bill, Sandra & Stella Harbison - 

"Michael and Marcella Van Der Heiden came across our radar about 20 years ago when they had a new born Friesian foal with septicemia. It turned out to be the beginning of a long lasting friendship. We continued to do their veterinary work until we retired (and beyond) and Michael continues to keep our many vehicles alive. One often hears the expression that “if I come back as an animal in the next life, I want to be at the Van Der Heidens”. Michael and Marcella take this to the absolute extreme. There is simply nobody on this earth that takes the responsibility of owning horses to their level. Their care of sick or damaged animals is unparalleled. Their animals are simply their life. We have always considered it a privilege to be included in their circle of friends."

"Dutch Grand Prix Rider & Instructor" Jenny Veenstra - 

My first experience with Friesian Dreams was as a judge. Michael and Marcella went above and beyond to cater to our needs as Dutch KFPS judges. It was only the beginning of my journey with them, and also the start of a great friendship. I returned the next year to teach dressage throughout Australia, and have been coming back eversince. I got to know them well and am always amazed by their hospitality, kindness and the absolute devotion they have to their animals. Each animal is like a child to them, and they happily share their broad knowledge with every person seeking advice. Trustworthy, reliable, and extremely kind to humans ánd animals, that’s Michael and Marcella, and I am proud to call them my friends!

"Vets on Eyre" Greg Sezun -

"I have known Michael and Marcella for a long time ( probably over 20 years) and have done a lot of veterinary work for them in that time.  They have been extremely caring of all the animals in their care and have at times taken SUPERHUMAN measures to ensure their welfare."'

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